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Rider Restoration Services was founded in part because I saw a need for a company who remembers why we're here; to be experts in mitigating and remediating water damage in homes, business, schools, and more.  I have seen far too many construction and remodel companies trying to be water damage experts, yet their priority continues to be construction and remodeling, and it shows.  They'll go into a property with the mindset of ripping everything apart instead of trying to restore the property.  They're looking at the dollar signs for the repairs, instead of trying to salvage, dry, and restore the wet materials.  Drywall, carpet, vinyl planks, and many other materials can get wet and be dried (in most cases).  When these materials are salvaged, that leads to significant cost savings for the responsible party AND a significantly faster restoration timeframe for the occupants.  Everybody wins!  Now I'm not saying that everything can be salvaged.  Many materials must be removed and replaced with new materials.  What we do is evaluate and make smart decisions; not just go into a property "demo-happy" like many other companies.  And while we can perform repairs to drywall, cabinets, and flooring right along with the best of them, it is not our company's focus.  We are a water damage restoration contractor FIRST!  I promise to ALWAYS look out for our customer's best interest.  Always!  We won't cut corners, but we also won't go overboard.

Let us be your Water Damage Contractor of choice. 

Thank you!

- Bryan Rider, Owner/Operator

(951) 257-9717

What we do?

Water Damage Mitigation


We offer 24 Hour Emergency Service 365 days a year to quickly remove standing water and ensure your property starts the drying process as soon as possible.  Advanced drying procedures combined with industrial drying equipment will be used to create an ideal drying environment, expediting the restoration process.

Mold & Sewage Remediation


Unfortunately there are times when simply drying out a property isn't enough.  If a long term leak goes undetected for several days, mold damage can become an ugly reality.  Or if the source of water is not fresh, there will be concerns about bacterial contamination that will require extensive cleaning/disinfecting and/or removal and disposal of certain unsalvagable materials.  Fortunately, we are experts in Mold and Sewage Remediation, and can get your property back to a clean safe environment.

Repairs & Reconstruction


While you are more than welcome to use our services for just the mitigation/remediation services, rest assured that we are more that capable of restoring your property to pre-loss conditions.  We employ and/or contract with expert drywall repairmen, carpenters, flooring installers, and more.  As a highly experienced Licensed General Contractor, we are able to perform whatever work is necessary to get you back to normal as quickly as possible.

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